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There are three ways to experience Daring Greatly™ and or Rising Strong™:

1) The Hustle for Worthiness:  a 2 hour video and discussion afternoon that will introduce you to some key themes of Brené’s work in a relaxed and informal setting.

The next workshop: Surry Hills on the 12th November 2016

Tickets / RegisterBrené Brown and The Hustle for Worthiness - a free Video and Discussion Afternoon


2)  The Daring Way  workshop -run over 3 days. 

The next 3 day workshop:  TBA

The 3 day workshop runs over two weekends a Saturday and the following Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm – a great way to deliver the curriculum for The Daring Way™ .  The work is deeply transformative and not without its challenges, and if you are familiar with Brené’s work you know that she focuses on vulnerability, living a wholehearted life and shame resilience. I am an accredited Daring Way™ Facilitator.

The cost is $900 and the number of attendees are be kept to a minimum so you have the opportunity to explore the work in some depth.

3) Coaching sessions  -Individual coaching sessions can be tailored to your individual needs and situation.  In this work you have the opportunity to work directly on your own particular issue (arena).  Coaching sessions are $120 an hour.

  • Let go of playing small
  • Find the courage to be vulnerable
  • Get relief from worrying about what other people think
  • Face life’s challenges using Brené’s metaphor of the Arena

The venue is at  Surry Hill 2/200 Riley St.  The venue has two flights of stairs- my apologies – as there is no disabled access. Morning and afternoon tea (but not lunch) will be provided. 


For more information phone:   0478 397 890 or email: