GLBTQI Community

Coaching can support you to……      steering a boat                                       

  • come out with confidence
  • find more work life balance
  • wind down from full time work                                                     
  • have more fun
  • feel more connection
  • cope through IVF
  • spruce up your business     

Did you know coaching can support you to find your……

  • courage  
  • heart    
  • inspiration  
  • purpose           
  • creativity

Did you know the GLBTIQI community undertake a lot of counselling (there are 30 or so counsellors advertising in LOTL alone) and this is a sure sign of our great commitment to self care and personal development. 

Coaching has somehow not been as well utilised in our community to date, however it is gaining popularity world wide as a result of it’s success in focusing on what matters most in life- you. Coaching is a great way of gaining creative support through some of life’s more challenging journeys and transitions.

Why not give coaching a go and start working on creating the life of your dreams? 

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