About me

I came to coaching through a health crisis that served as a path of recovery and transformation.  I suffered an injury a few years back and to recover I had to learn to listen to my body and the small voice inside me (and not so much to the medical practitioners around me).  Through this process I had what I would call a ‘spiritual’ awakening- making a connection with my authentic self and mystudio seated c 8 2mb creativity.  From this perspective I came to believe that the only way to really live life was to discover who I was and what I truly wanted and rather than living in fear.  It is my belief that coaching is the way to achieve living life with less fear, more joy creativity and authenticity (without the need for a health crisis!).

I have a Diploma of Coaching from Nature Care College, a Bachelor of Arts, a Graduate Diploma of Education and the Cert IV in Training and Assessment.  I am qualified to run  The Daring Way™ workshops as I have been trained in The Daring Way™ curriculum and am a certified facilitator . 

I have worked as a community worker with various disadvantaged communities for over 14 years: including women’s services; young people; the homeless; and the unemployed.  I was also the co-ordinator of a large community center in Darlinghurst for 5 years.  As a teacher at  I have been working as an adult educator teaching within the Community Services Section of TAFE for 20 years.

My coaching practice is an extension of over 30 year experience of working with people within the community, where I am able to make a genuine connection and provide support to those who seek to change and connect to their true and creative self.

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Elizabeth Whitby   0478 397 890